Are You Ready to Rise Up?

Have you tried being someone who really isn’t you this past year or tried to blend in with others? Maybe you have been bullied into thinking that you need to act this way at times. That has happened to me and I am here to help! Now that I am homeschooled, I am not really bullied like I was back in school some days. What I remember is that I just wanted that person to stop bullying me. I always wondered if someone would ever come by and stand up for me. Until… I stood up for myself.

I used to be scared to tell a teacher and I just hoped that that person would realize that what they were doing was wrong and they might stop. That never happened. What I probably should have done was tell someone. Fortunately, I have always told my mom everything and she told me that usually, these people aren’t even aware that they’re hurting your feelings…or that they may just be unhappy inside or jealous…that it may not ever truly have anything to do with me at all…She told me that I should communicate with them first. Then, if that didn’t make things better, talk with my teacher…Something on T.V. one day said “help stop bullying, stand up for one another”.

Then, I decided that it was time to do what my mom said and stand up for myself. After I did, I felt so much better inside. There is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself as long as you do it nicely. It also shows you have respect for yourself…that you deserve better…AND YOU DO!

I have tried to be like some of the other girls before or just blend in. Have you tried to be like someone else before? Well, my mom noticed that I wasn’t being myself one day and she asked what was going on. I had to tell her the truth. I told her that I was trying to be like the other girls because they’re really cool. So my mom told me that I shouldn’t try to be like anyone but myself. I soon realized that if I am trying to be like someone who I am not, then I probably shouldn’t play with them. Now I know that I was wasting my time being someone who I wasn’t.

Spend your time with those who lift you up and make you a better person. Pour into their lives. But remember to forgive and pray for those who hurt you because you don’t want that to weigh you down.

Just a word of advice: BE YOURSELF!

Here is a  video that I think you should watch!