You Are Special

One important thing that we all have in common with is the fact that God made us in His image. He doesn’t regret how He made you one single bit. Think about how every single snowflake is a different shape and size. That is just like us. We are all different, yet made by the same God.  I just read a devotional today that explains how much He cares for you & me. God loves you so much that He gave his one and only son to the world to die on the cross and save us from our sins, (John 3:16) knowing that He would rise from the dead 3 days later. That must have been difficult to do. That is the sacrifice of ALL sacrifices. Below, is the devotional I was reading and I’d like to share a portion of it with you below…



Adventures in Odyssey-Candid Conversations With Connie

A Girl’s Guide To Growing Up

          “In eighth grade, I went on a field trip to a factory that made can openers. The factory consisted of a number of loud machines and a big, moving conveyor belt. One machine would pump out a glob of metal, another one would bend it, and the next would add a plastic piece. The glob went on like that, down the conveyor belt, being changed and altered until it came out as…ta-da!…a can opener. Then out came another can opener, and another one, and another one-until the box at the end was filled with perfectly formed, exactly identical kitchen utensils. You are not a can opener. But sometimes we might feel that way-as if we’re just one of billions of people God made. Even if we recognize that God created us, we still may forget He designed us. We weren’t formed out of a mold. He made each of us unique.

          I saw how different we are at a recent slumber party, and that’s a great thing. We’re even different when we eat pizza. Outgoing Olivia likes anchovies, analyzing Emily prefers pepperoni, kindhearted Tamika craves plain cheese, athletic Camilla goes for the mushrooms, and cheerful Penny reaches for the slice with the jalapenos. And me? I like pineapple and bacon.

          God designed each of us to be who we are. But sometimes that’s hard to see. The Bible tells us in Ephesians 2:10, “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus.” My friend  told me once that the word workmanship comes from the Greek word poiema, which is where we also get the word poem. Think about that: you are God’s poem.

          A poem isn’t built on a conveyor belt. It doesn’t look the same as any other single poem. (What would be the point of that?) And its primary purpose isn’t to be useful. I mean, when have you ever used a poem to open a can of creamed corn?

Here’s a Secret…

         Sometimes I just imagine God looking past the solar systems that will never be seen by a human eye, the majestic sight of Niagara Falls, and the elaborate colors of the Grand Canyon-to me. And to you. He is thinking, This is good, she is lovely. With her plain brown hair, snorty laugh, tendency to twirl her hair, big ears-all of her. Even when there are so many things He created that I believe are more beautiful. He’s still looking at me.

         A poem is a reflection of the poet. It contains the writer’s emotions, thoughts, and desires. And every poem is different. God doesn’t assemble you; He writes you. And just as a poet thinks long and hard about the words he or she puts on the page, painstakingly choosing the right phrase and idea, so God designs you. Just a poem reflects the heart of a writer, you reflect God’s heart in a way nobody else does.

          Look at your hand closely. We’ve all heard that we each have one-of-a-kind fingerprints. But that’s not where our one-of-a-kind-ness ends. We also have teeth, retinas, and a scent completely exclusive to us.

          So, you are just like everyone else, except you are not like everybody else! You are important and special to God.

God doesn’t make mistakes-and that includes when He made you. He doesn’t craft a person carefully and then sit back and say, “Oops. Guess I really messed up this one. Oh well…” God loves all of you. He designed you for a purpose. He didn’t get distracted and overlook a desired trait. In fact, He’s so aware of all that you are, He knows the number of hairs on your head (Luke 12:7).

          You are beautiful to Him right here and now. It doesn’t matter to Him if you have pimples or hand-me-down clothes, or if you lost your temper two minutes ago. He looks at you with outrageous love. You are His poem. His beloved. And He adores you.” Connie


Verse of the week:

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

-Psalm 139:14