How to Cheer Someone Up



What do you do when you see someone who is sad? If you don’t know, I’m here to help! Whenever I see someone who is sad, I try my best to cheer them up. How might I do that? First, I would ask why they are sad. Sometimes that person might feel like they wouldn’t want to tell you, but that is okay. Now you know that they really need some cheering up, so buy them a happy meal. It works in the commercials. I’m just messing with you!  You could always say a funny joke. That doesn’t always work though. Start a conversation and you could become friends. I know it always makes me happy when I make new friends. In case you don’t know how to start a conversation, I’ve got just the thing to say. “Hi, my name is __________. After all, Hello (Hi) is the first word in a new friendship!



Verse of the week:

” A happy heart makes the face cheerful.”        – Proverbs 15:13