His Love For Us ♡

Spring weather is amazing! It isn’t spring yet, but it certainly feels like it is where I am. I love all of the beautiful flowers blooming! God’s love for us is like a flower. His love for us keeps blossoming. All of the money in the world could not change my love for God.

These verses from the song “All the Money” By Britt Nicole capture me.

All the money in the world
Couldn’t buy what I see in you
All the money in the world
Couldn’t buy what I love ’bout you

Please listen to the song!

What do you think? I know that He is always by my side even though I can’t see Him! He is always watching over me and you. I just love Him so much. Whenever I am stuck or can’t think of anything to write I just look up to Him and feel His love. Also, I listen to this song because it just helps clear my mind to be thinking only of Him. He is my everything and I would be completely lost without Him! I am so blessed to have this blog and share my thoughts with all of you! Without Him, I wouldn’t have my blog. Without Him none of us would be here! We owe so much thanks to Him. He has proven thousands of times how much He cares about each and every one of us. And I care about Him and love Him with everything in me.