How to Fit the Time for God into your Daily Schedule

Everyone has a very different schedule, but there is something that we all need to have listed in our daily routines. Now, this is extremely important and will truly make a difference in your lives. We all need to fit the time for God into our schedules. Whether you decide to read the Bible or a devotional or just take some time to think about what God has done for you and what you can do to please Him, it all counts. Just one simple act of kindness can please God.

This reminds me of a book my mom used to read to me when I was younger, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” written by Carol McCloud and illustrated by David Messing. 


This heartwarming book encourages positive behavior by using the concept of an invisible bucket to show children how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation and love by “filling buckets.” This helps children understand that “bucket dipping” is a negative behavior, not a permanent label. It also explains that it’s possible to fill or dip into our own buckets. We choose to fill someone’s bucket (fill their bucket with positivity and kindness) or to dip their bucket (fill their bucket with negativity and harsh words). Every action we make affects people in a positive or negative way. This book is a perfect gift for children and honestly adults too. I recommend this for children who are in kindergarten up to 3rd grade. However, this can be applied to people of all ages. You can buy this book for $9 – $11 depending on if you want Paperback or Hardcover. Click on the following title to purchase it, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”

I haven’t read this book in years however, I still remember every word and think about whether my actions and words will dip or fill someone’s bucket. Now, it is time to get back to fitting time for God into our schedules. Here is a “demo” of a schedule, but remember this is just to give you an idea of what we can do. 

I know that everyone has very different schedules. For some of you, you may be in the daily grind of school and extracurricular’s or perhaps your kids may be grown up with children of their own. Because of your unique schedules, I have made some suggestions that anyone should be able to fit into their busy days. 

  • Try waking up 10 minutes earlier than usual. Put your devotional or Bible on your bedside table the night before. This way, you can just wake up and grab it without having to get out of your bed. During that 10 minutes just read and when finished reading, end your “special time with God” with a prayer. Try giving your day over to Him. Now, you haven’t impacted your schedule. Yes, you may have lost a couple minutes of sleep, but I assure you, it is definitely worth your time. You can even work up to or try waking up 30 minutes earlier. 
  • You can try extracting 10 minutes of your every night t.v. watching and read your devotional or just talk to God. Yes, you might lose some reading or t.v time, but talking to God is much more important. 
  • Maybe you have a lunch break at work. Use this time as a quick time to refresh your mind for God. You could do a devotion while on your lunch break.

Now, if you don’t have a devotion or Bible with you, pull out your phone and use the Bible app (by YouVersion).

I hope you enjoyed this and will be able to use at least one of my suggestions above and maybe want to purchase “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”