Fall Pictures & Photo-Taking Tips

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The picture above, (with me holding a Polaroid camera) was taken through the lens of my pink sunglasses. It is how I got a soft pink effect. Also, my leg looks like it is chopped off, but my foot was just propped against the stone wall. Anyways, sunglasses can be great filters. They add different color effects that can look really cool. 

So, I was eating out with my family on Sunday and came across the “perfect tree.” It had red, orange, AND yellow leaves. Now, fall is my absolute favorite time of the year and I notice EVERY single fall-looking piece of nature, etc. Well, I convinced my mom to take some pictures. So, here they are. Warning: there is a wide variety of pictures from normal to awkward.

fall.fall 2fall 3

There was only one available angle because unfortunately, there was a dumpster to the right of me. The pictures do look different because of the different filters that were applied. I like to use VSCO and FaceTune for editing my pictures. Both can be found in the App Store. VSCO has great filters and FaceTune allows the saturation, brightness, etc to be changed. I usually first edit using FaceTune, then VSCO. I find both apps easy to use. If it is hard to figure out how to use the many features at first. There are many helpful videos on YouTube that can help. It took me a while to get the hang of the apps and how to access all of the features to their fullest extent. Don’t worry, you are not alone!

A little over a week ago, my family and I went to a farm that had a pumpkin patch and a corn maze. What do you think we also did there? If you guessed that we took pictures, you guessed right!! Here are some normal (not awkward) pictures!


Some pictures can be pretty dark. Sometimes, there isn’t much you can change. There will be times when you try adding brightness to the picture, but it just looks weird. It might not even change the brightness of the entire picture, just random sections.

It all depends on the location, where the sun is, and the angle of the picture.

Personally, I think it is best to take pictures in the shadow because you can edit the brightness, but there are no random splotches of light in the picture. However, everyone will have their own preferences. I am not an expert, but I also think it is great to know your angles. Do you like the camera angling down from above, above from below, or straightforward? For me, it depends on the background. If I were in a city (with buildings in the background), I would prefer the camera to be low, angling high.

In my “fall tree” pictures above, the angle was straight on. The pictures at the farm were a variety of all angles. The good thing is, many photo editing apps allow you to change the angle so, there is no need to stress if you don’t like the turn out of your pictures. 

That is all for today, but I hope to share some more of my photo editing tips, etc. If you made it this far, congratulations. That means you get a sneak peek of my new blog post coming tomorrow, October 31st!! Woohooo!  ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ 

Lambs cannot be as tactic as wolves. As lambs, believers, we cannot adopt the tactics of the world. The world will use evil tactics against us, but we should remain innocent.

“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” – Matthew 10:16

Our heart has the same capacity of evil. We may not be doing the same thing, but we can use evil tactics too. Whether it’s our words, etc. Pain and suffering is a part of the process and we need to get prepared for it. God is and has been preparing us for the pain and suffering in our lives. It only gets harder from here. 

Well, stay tuned for the new post coming tomorrow at 4 pm EST time!