filling a void pt. 1

Distractions are the downfall of my generation. They aren’t good distractions either, but instead, ones I believe are harmful. The primary source of my generation’s problems and pain come from none other than social media. It’s as if I was in denial of its effects. I’d become numb to the constant fear of missing out, comparison, self-pity trap social media creates. There is no age cap on its influence, which makes it all the more dangerous. It’s unfortunate how rare it is to see family out at dinner actually engaged. I truly value my friends who prefer not to be on their phones. Again, it’s rare to have relationships with people that are free of electronics (the majority of the time). 

Our phones fill a void. In an awkward situation? Pull out your phone. Ran out of things to talk about? Pull out your phone. Need to look like you’re doing something? Pull out your phone. It’s a pattern that is entirely non-beneficial. Our world today has lost its standard of simple communication skills and quality time spent with people, especially with younger generations. Quarantine only upped the ante.

Media is taking over the world and every day they grow closer to completely controlling us and I’m not just talking politically. Richard Davidson, a neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin Madison and founder and director of the Center for Healthy Minds stated,

“I am most worried about the increase in distractibility, the national attention-deficit we all suffer from, and the consequences that arise from this. Our attention is being captured by devices rather than being voluntarily regulated. We are like a sailor without a rudder on the ocean — pushed and pulled by the digital stimuli to which we are exposed rather than by the intentional direction of our own mind…We are becoming impaired in that capacity, globally. We’re all pawns in a grand experiment to be manipulated by digital stimuli to which no one has given explicit consent. This is happening insidiously under the radar.”

Technology is extremely innovative and our world could not function without it. Whether for business or pleasure, it has provided a top-notch experience for every user. I am not by any means saying to rid of technology. Instead, I’m trying to bring awareness to the negative elements it brings to the table.

Pt. 2 of “filling a void”, coming next weekend, will include insight on understanding how to prioritize and increase productivity.