filling a void pt. 2

It’s important to have alternatives; a Plan B/something to turn to. Having alternatives matter because it provides options. Life is ever-changing and uncontrollable. Simple productivity is an alternative in the way it clears your mind. This is why giving yourself something to do is such a commonality. 

Distractions play a key role in everything. There is no limit to what we allowed to distract us. In fact, our sense of awareness has been stripped. One notification pops up and we’re faced with the temptation to check it, but that temptation leads to far more than a quick check. Our devices will rope us into a continuous loop. Our phones are not our only distractions, but they set the largest trap.

I’ve found it helps me to lay out some sort of plan for the following days. I’ll come up with a list of things I need to do and then want to do. Quarantine gave an excuse to do nothing. I know I’m not the only one who stayed in my room all day watching TV or being on my phone. Honestly, it felt overdue and for a while, it was perfectly justified. However, I eventually needed to grow out of the laziness I had retained. I talk of quarantine because it’s something we can all relate to because each and every one of us experienced it.

Setting priorities is crucial to every individual. Understanding the level of importance something holds will help to balance out your schedule as well as your life. Aligning your priorities is a major factor in determining your productivity. It’s difficult to have one without the other.

Stay tuned!