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A study conducted at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands indicates that music cannot only affect your mood and present state of mind, but the songs you listen to can also change the way you perceive emotions and the world around you.

In June, I went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic for 3 weeks, which honestly felt entirely too short. It was an unforgettable experience with constant pivotal steps forward in my relationship with the Lord. I would love to go more in-depth to my trip later, but for now, I ultimately want to reiterate the importance of small choices throughout your day. Just simply starting your day by journaling or going on a walk is SO much more beneficial for your mindset than powering on your phone right away. These are the things I did in the DR. Unlike back at home, I so effortlessly lived in the present. Always ready for the next adventure; anticipating a leap. I was so incredibly happy and content. Part of why I fell back into my usual rut when I came home was simply because I wasn’t intentional.

Since this past summer, I did start to be more intentional. Of course, it’s faded in and out, but I’m okay with that. I’m just glad that for the majority of the time, I’m aware of the effects my decisions have on me and I work towards being more intentional each and every day. Life’s a process and I’m doing the best I can.

Honestly, “What you put into it is what you will gain from it,” is so true. I urge you to keep an open mind and an open heart and just be intentional. You know yourself better than anyone, so do what makes you feel whole.

When hopping in the car to go run errands or drop off your kids for school, or if you’re headed to school yourself, just pop on some worship music. It doesn’t have to be loud but I know for me, it always gets me in a better mood and refreshes my mindset. Despite how much I’d rather listen to any other music than worship or put something on from Netflix while folding laundry, none of it will beat the feeling of joy and peace that I feel being in the Lord’s presence.

Below is my worship music playlist that I’d love for you to listen to. I linked my worship playlist on Apple Music®, as well as Spotify®, so no matter which service you use, it’s 100% accessible!

p.s. you can scroll through and click on these songs to preview them!

more posts coming soon!