What happens when you are inspired by something? You want to do whatever you were inspired by…right? Well here are some places and things that I think are inspiring:


  Isn’t it a girl’s dream to go to Paris! All of the bakery’s and so many beautiful sights to see!      

a view of the Seine River
The Seine River in Paris
Arc de Triomphe in Paris
The bakery pic
Do those pastries look good or what? I think I’ll be on the next flight to Paris!

God gave these places to us to visit and explore the world with! He made it all in seven days. Yep, only seven days! It is in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. Creating the world in seven days is something only God could do. 


One day I was bored and wanted to make or do something fun. So I just went down to my basement and got out the game Twister… and I did what is on the picture up above! Basically, you just need (1). Shaving Cream, (2). A large bowl, (3). Food coloring, (4). And of course the game Twister. You get your large bowl and put shaving cream in it put a few drops of red, blue, yellow, or green food coloring in and stir it around. After you have done that, scoop it onto the six dots of whatever color you chose and then wash and dry the bowl out and repeat with the remaining colors!


Another very simple thing to make is bubbles! All you need is: (1). An empty bubbles bottle with blower, (2). Water, (3). Liquid or hand soap (not bar soap). Pour the liquid or hand soap into the bottle, and then, pour water into it until full. Grab the bubble blower and Voila, you have simple easy homemade bubbles! You may have already known that, but just incase you didn’t, now you know!

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